Clean The Bowl

Join the FREE "Clean the Bowl" work group and:

Recognize and make progress in the areas in your life you want to clean up. 

March 22-April 15, 2018 (25 days) 
July 26- August 18, 2018 (24 days) 
November 16- December 6, 2018 (21 days)

This will be held in a FACEBOOK GROUP, once you register you will be added to the Group :)

I'm doing this for me, but inviting others, because its much more fun. PARTICIPATION is highly encouraged, and just watching is totally OK as well! 

Possible areas to clean:
  • finish projects that are outstanding
  • clean my body (food in take)
  • clean my mind (thought awareness)
  • clean my words (kindness & empathy practice)
  • clean my environment (purge, organize and clean)
  • clean my work practices (airplane view to moment by moment)
  • Clean up my time (intention, focus & clarity)
  • and whatever else intuitively comes up as a group

I will be using the tools of my art. I have a painting, button, necklace & charm to remember when I forget. 

For those of you that expressed interest in working with me, this will be my desired method... Part of cleaning up my focus. 

It's easy and FREE just sign up!
If you provide your mailing address, I'll email you the image of "clean the bowl" to print out and post.

I have an original Kit to do this work  it can help you by having little mini reminders each day about your intention to clean the bowl, I use them and it helps a bunch! The course is FREE of charge, but you get what you give in this, so please make the commitment mentally before your say yes. We will have a prep call for getting ready about a week prior to starting.

Thank you for playing with me! I just love this stuff!


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